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Born in Lima, Peru, and now based in Canada, I am a photographer whose work is a blend of candid, spontaneous, and improvisational styles, deeply influenced by my rich cultural heritage and my background in fashion modeling. My photography not only captures the aesthetic elegance but also embodies a narrative of diverse cultures and stories.

With a commitment to positive change, I use my craft to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities, ensuring accessibility and empowerment through my imagery. My experience in front of the camera has honed my ability to create a relaxed and trusting atmosphere for my clients, facilitating authentic and heartfelt moments.

I am available for hire worldwide, eager to collaborate on projects that demand a thoughtful and impactful visual narrative. Let's work together to tell stories that resonate and connect, wherever they may lead.


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you really, we are so happy with the result!


The photos are incredible and they reflect our style at home super well.  We love them. Not only the quality of the photos is wonderful, but your way of being, easy going and adapting to everything was very beneficial, because instead of asking me to change my attitude you just surfed the wave and captured pure magic."

Michael D'Alton, Paula Nicolau

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