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MHAC x UBC Yoga Club x Blissed Out Yoga

Mindfulness Pop-Up Sessions

The average person can't commit to an hour-long yoga class. How about if I told you that 15 minutes is enough to have the same effect as an hour of yoga? This is how the expres mindfulness pop-up sessions idea was born. 

All it took for stressed-out UBC students to decompress, breathe properly and release their built-up from their weeks of school was 10 minutes of mindful movement.

Stay tuned for more details coming your way but for now, we'll tease out we’ll be around campus for the entire month of November for you to pop by and try it yourself.



Our brief, dynamic and intentional practice will transform your mind space, release tension and get you socializing with our like-minded campus community. 



We are excited to provide a space for the university community to relax and take a step back without sacrificing their time.

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